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Hi, I'm Julia.
I'm 20 and currently a junior at the University of Central Florida. I'm working on a bachelor of fine arts in graphic design and a certificate in teaching English as a foreign language. As soon as I graduate I plan on travelling to whatever countries I can to teach English. It's something I'm passionate about and really want to do.
I have varied tastes from lolita fashion to horror movies. I'm not too much of a partier (but I do on occasion). However, I do enjoy doing things others might consider "lame" which include, but are not limited to: laser tag, bowling, crafts, board games, and video games. I also watch far too many TV shows via netflix.
I enjoy sarcasm and curse more frequently than I'd like to admit and it gets me in trouble sometimes. I like to talk about shopping, boys, school and other random things in my journal posts. I'm always up for making new friends so feel free to comment on my friends only post or send me a message, and I'll add you right back. :) I guess the question is, can you handle me?
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